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Dominique Bouhours, né le 15 mai 1628 à Paris où il est mort le 27 mai 1702, est un prêtre jésuite, grammairien, biographe et apologiste français.. Se voulant continuateur de Vaugelas, il a exercé une influence non négligeable sur des auteurs tels que Boileau, La Bruyère et Racine, qui lui envoyait ses pièces à corriger.D''autres lui ont reproché son esprit puriste

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Bachmut (ukrainisch und russisch Бахмут) ist eine Stadt in der Oblast Donezk im Osten der Ukraine am Ufer des Flusses Bachmutka.. Aufgrund der Entkommunisierungsgesetze wurde die Stadt am 4. Februar 2016 umbenannt r Stadtrat sprach sich für den historischen Namen Bachmut anstatt des bis dahin gültigen Namen Artemiwsk (Артемівськ) aus.

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A burlak (Russian: бурла́к, IPA: ) was a person who hauled barges and other vessels upstream from the 17th to 20th centuries in the Russian Empire.. Overview. The word burlak originated from Tatar word bujdak, ''homeless''. [citation needed] According to another version the word originated from old middleGerman bûrlach (working team with fixed rules, artel).

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Barry Brown (April 19, 1951 – June 25, 1978) was an American author, playwright and actor who performed on stage and in television dramas and feature films, notably as Frederick Winterbourne in Peter Bogdanovich''s Daisy Miller (1974), adapted from the classic Henry James novella (1878). Bogdanovich praised Brown''s contribution to the film, describing him as "the only American actor you


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A bandura (Ukrainian: банду́ра) is a Ukrainian, plucked string, folk instrument combines elements of the zither and lute and, up until the 1940s, was also often referred to by the term kobza.Early instruments (c. 1700) had 5 to 12 strings and similar to the lute. In the 20th century, the number of strings increased initially to 31 strings (1926), 56 strings 68 strings on modern

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Imagine that reality is like an embroidery What if you could flip the picture, and come to understand all the hidden stitches and connections that operate beneath the surface?

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BIS Statutes . 9. a third tranche of 200,000 shares and distribute them in accordance with the provisions of Article 8. Article 7 (1) Twentyfive per cent. only of the value of each share shall

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