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Equi-Sastipen-Rroma Network

Equi-Sastipen is a network composed of 19 Roma organizations and federations* created and coordinated by the organization UNGA, which started in 2010 a joint effort to promote and reinforce actions in health. This network was founded with the vocation of sharing and growing, training intercultural mediators in the health domain, spreading knowledge on the Roma community among healthcare professionals and undergraduate students, as well as using all their experience and knowledge at local interventions.

Contact information:
José Antonio Jiménez y Marlen Menéndez. Asociación UNGA. C/ Cabo Peñas, 4 Bajo, 33011 Oviedo. Tfno.: 985 111 404. aupre@hotmail.com

Javier Arza. Departamento de Trabajo Social. Universidad Pública de Navarra. Campus Arrosadia. 31006 Pamplona. Tfno: 627464368. javier.arza@unavarra.es

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