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Established in 1951, IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.
The Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment
The Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment was set up in 2001. Its competencies were transferred from: - the former Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Environment - the regionalized Ministry of Agriculture. Fo


National Network of Health Mediators - Bulgaria
The National Network of Health Mediators was founded in 2007 by Health mediators, trainers of HMs, doctors, experts in public health to advocate for expansion and sustainability of the Health mediation programme in Bulgaria. In 2016 the members o


Association pour l' Accueil des Voyageurs
ASAV, l’Association pour l’Accueil des Voyageurs - “the association for the welcome of travellers”, is a non-profit organisation which has worked with the Travellers and the Roma for 20 years. It promotes access of health and social rights of these p


Association for Culture, Education and Communication
Healthy Communities non-profit organization provides general community services in the area of creation and protection of environment and protection of health of the population with an intention to increase education levels, skills, awareness and pr


Equi-Sastipen-Rroma Network
Equi-Sastipen is a network composed of 19 Roma organizations and federations* created and coordinated by the organization UNGA, which started in 2010 a joint effort to promote and reinforce actions in health. This network was founded with the vocatio

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