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Training for Health Mediators held on 26-28 September 2016 in Rome, Italy

IOM MHD RO Brussels in collaboration with IOM Rome and the SIMM Italian Society Migration and Health, organized a Training course for trainers on Health Mediation on 26-28 September 2016 in Rome, Italy.

Following the previous training organized in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the three days training course organized in Rome had the objective to provide health mediators and other professionals working on health migration issues with relevant knowledge and skills concerning migrant-related health care and cultural mediation to support health operators in evaluating migrants’ health needs.

The sessions allowed participants to explore several important concepts on health care and health mediation for migrants and refugees, including an overview of entitlements to health care and responsibilities of migrants in the EU, specific vulnerabilities, mental health and psychological support, health promotion and disease prevention, medical terminology and records, as well as cultural diversities and conflict mediation. Thanks to the expertise of SIMM trainers, each concept has been enriched with practical experience based on the groundwork of the Italian reception system and specific information on the national legal framework.

In addition, IOM MHD RO Brussels introduced the Re-Health project, including an overview of the Handbook, the Personal Health Record and E-PHR contents, and shortly introduced the Re-Health Platform, explaining the legal basis and the chronological history behind the development of the tools.  

Participants included health mediators collaborating with local Authorities partners of IOM Rome in the implementation of Re-Health Project activities, including the ASP Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale Syracuse, the Public Hospital Ospedali Galliera Genoa, and Autonomous Province of Trento.

The group of participants showed great interest for almost all topics and a high level of participation to all sessions. The diversity in their regional provenience contributed to make a deeper analysis of existing differences among Italian Regions.

The training course is part of IOM’s Re-Health project’s efforts to facilitate the implementation of the Personal Health Record (PHR) through the recruitment and training of health mediators on working with refugees and migrants, particularly with vulnerable groups and children. The trained health mediators will support the services and assistance provided to migrants and explain the process and benefits of undergoing a health assessment.



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