Health Mediation models in the EU: Examples of good practices
28.02.2017 IOM

The report ‘Health Mediation models in the EU: Example of good practices’, has now been published as an outcome of the project “Fostering health provision for migrants, the Roma and other vulnerable groups” (Equi-Health), under the sub-action on Roma Health.

The report compiles and presents different health mediation models from participating project partner countries to the Regional Pilot Intervention on "Health Mediation and the Roma", launched within this framework. The document contains a short description of the mediation models as well as case studies from the work of the mediators in each of the participating countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Slovakia, and Spain.

This report has been produced by National Network of Health mediators (NNHM) in Bulgaria and with the collaboration of project partner countries, including the FPS Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Environment (Belgium); Healthy Communities, n.p.o. and the Association for Culture, Education and Communication (Slovakia); the CESPYD-Universidad de Sevilla, the Universidad Pública de Navarra, the Catalan Agency of Public Health - Health Ministry of the Catalan Government, and the Asociación UNGA (Spain); and the National Health Mediation Program (France).

The report is available here.


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