:: European Network of Community Health Mediators

The initiative to exchange good practices coordinated by IOM in partnership with the Federal Public Service for Health (Belgium), the National Network of Health Mediators (Bulgaria), the National Institute for Public Health (Romania), CESPYD University of Seville and the Catalonian Public Health Agency (Spain), the Association pour l' Accueil des Voyageurs (France) and other partners opened channels for communication and provided tools for developing of an European Network of Community Health Mediators.

The idea behind the network is to help mediators from different countries communicate between each other, discuss cases and elaborate problems solving approaches. Even though the community health mediators work in different contexts and have specific job responsibilities, based on local needs and health care systems, the 4 field visits & workshops so far revealed that health mediators across Europe face similar problems and could learn very much from each other’s experiences.

The objective of the network is to act as a platform for communication, increase the visibility of the work of the health mediators and different mediation models in the EU, and provide an opportunity for harmonization of training programmes and implementation of joint training programmes and exchanges. The platform is open to all mediation programmes in Europe and provides them with a database for exchange of promotion materials, videos, handbooks translated into multiple languages, as well as link with other EU/regional initiatives on health and mediation.

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