:: Health mediation concept

The Health mediator is an intermediary who facilitates the access of vulnerable/ isolated ethnic minorities to health and social services.

  • The Health mediator is woman or man who belongs to the local community and speaks its language.
  • The Health mediator is not an administrator but a field worker who works actively to identify the most vulnerable and marginalized community members.
  • The Health mediator initiates communication with all local health and social institutions and specialists and offers them assistance.
  • The main objectives of the programme are:
    • a) To overcome the cultural barriers in the communications between the Roma communities and the medical staff locally;
    • b) To overcome the existing discrimination attitudes in the field of health services for the Roma locally;
    • c) To optimize the implementation of prevention programmes among the Roma population;
    • d) Health education of the Roma and active social work in the community;
    • e) Active social work with vulnerable Roma groups. 

The Health-mediation programme is an integration policy. Usually health mediators are good examples among their communities. They are more educated than others, they have permanent job because of this and they are helping people. 

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