:: Case study


"Mrs. E. is living in France for 5 years and has lived with her family for a long time in a squat in Ablon (Val-de-Marne, 94), where several expulsions forced them to find another place to live in Verriers les Bushes first (in the 91) and then in a shantytown in Rungis (94). She was accompanied by our team two years ago in Ablon. In spite of the evictions she was able to continue to benefit from a domiciliation and the three municipalities where she resided are relatively close to the scale of the Île de France. E. now knows very well the health structures (hospitals, PMI – Maternal and children protection, CMS - Municipal Health Centers), she has taken steps to renew her MEA, as well as the PMI follow-up for her children, continued her gynecological follow-up in a private practice and when her young daughter-in-law needed contraception, she was able to accompany her and introduce her to the specialist without the need for an intermediary.


In a shantytown in the Greater Grenoble area, a 23-year-old woman facilitated the referral of a loved one to the family planning center (CPEF) and to the dentist. She found the dentist with the support of the mediator and the CPEF due to previous visit for an emergency consultation. Speaking French with a sufficient level to understand and specify her request, she accompanied this person to make appointments and even in the consultation due to the lack of professional interpreter.


Mr. C. has a chronic condition and was admitted to the PASS (Permanence for access to health care). When he got access to the CMU, he decides to go to a physician on his own "It's great, I do not need to move far and wait for hours at the PASS without knowing if I would have a consultation. My doctor is very nice, he knows all my health problems. I can even go there without an appointment on Thursday, but I sometimes have a hard time understanding everything he tells me, so it's still practical that you (the mediator) come to see me from time to time to help me find myself in my prescription for drugs ”

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