:: Job Description and Tasks of the Mediator

Within the framework of this national health mediation program, each of the mediators provides missions in support, articulation and complementarity of the teams of each structure, in favor of global approach:

For people residing in slums/squats

·         Information on health care structures and the health system (collective activities and dissemination of translated / imaged tools)

·         Orientation to care structures and health professionals

·         Information and referral to local relays responsible for entitlements: health insurance, permit to stay, family benefits.

·         Participation in prevention and health education activities led by partners

·         Physical accompaniment at important medical appointments

For local institutional partners

·         Raising awareness and informing health actors and institutions about the specifics of Roma migrant populations to better address their need in public health services.

·         Promotion of health education activities directly at places of life

·         Animation/participation in the partnership health network around the health of slum dwellers (health structures, associations, doctors, health institutions, elected officials and local authorities)

Within the local structure and the national network

·         Identification and consolidation of territorial health networks under common law

·         Participation in observation missions on the rights of precarious Europeans and slum dwellers

·         Reporting of information gathered in the field to the host organization and coordination of the national health mediation program

·         Participation in team meetings within the host organization

·         Provide periodic information on indicators of access to care and prevention of people being followed

·         Participation in various mediation and health networks, local and national, with a view to exchanging practices.

·         Participation in the national dimension of the health mediation program: training, exchanges of practices, evaluations, working group on the development of prevention tools.


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