:: Responsible institutions

A committee composed of representatives of national institutions, national and local donors and partner associations was set up to monitor and steer the program. These actors are convened once a year. The Committee is composed of:

- the Directorate-General for Health (DGS)

- the Public Health Agency France (formerly INPES)

- the Directorate General of Social Cohesion (DGCS)

- the Directorate of Social Security (DSS)

- the Regional Directorate for Youth, Sports and Social Cohesion, Ile-de-France (DRJSCS)

- the General Secretariat of the Interministerial Committee of Cities (SG CIV)

- the Regional health agencies of the regions concerned

- the Regional councils involved in local projects

- the CNDH Romeurope


- the Associations carrying out the project at national and local level

The National Health Mediation Program receives financial support from the Ministry of Health and the French Public Health Agency.

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