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Guide for intercultural mediation in health care
This guide provides a set of standards and a point of reference for intercultural mediators and care providers on the evaluation of intercultural mediation practices.
Roma Health mediation in Romania: case study
This paper was commissioned by the WHO Regional Office for Europe. The case study was produced to inform a resource package for health professionals to be used in multicountry capacity-building events to promote the reorientation of strategies, programmes and activities related to Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 (child and maternal health) for greater health equity, with an explicit but not exclusive focus on the Roma population.
Health Mediation models in the EU: Examples of good practices
The report ‘Health Mediation models in the EU: Example of good practices’, has now been published as an outcome of the project “Fostering health provision for migrants, the Roma and other vulnerable groups” (Equi-Health), under the sub-action on Roma Health.
Roma Health Mediators: Successes and Challenges
Roma Health Mediators: Successes and Challenges looks at mediation programs in six countries: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine.
Thematic report of the group of experts on Roma health mediators
The Thematic Report of the Group of Experts on Roma Health Mediators presents the results of the thematic visit to Sofia, Bulgaria on 2-4 November 2015 as the first initiative of the thematic group on Roma and health issues within the CoE Ad Hoc Committee Of Experts On Roma And Traveller Issues (CAHROM) with focus of the Bulgarian Roma health mediation programme.

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