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Health Mediation models in the EU: Examples of good practices
28.02.2017 IOM
Health Mediation models in the EU: Examples of good practices published online
Guide for intercultural mediation in health care
28.02.2017 IOM
The Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Environment in Belgium has published the ‘Guide for Intercultural Mediation in Health Care’, a guideline for good practices in intercultural mediation.
X National Meeting “Initiative for Health and Vaccination”
09.12.2016 NNHM, Bulgaria
On 8 December 2016 the X National Meeting “Initiative for Health and Vaccination” took place in Sofia. The project “Initiative for Health and vaccination” is implemented under the patronage of the Parliamentary Committee on Health and the Council of Ministers (National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Integration Issues). The Initiative partners include the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, State Agency for Child Protection, the National Association of GPs in Bulgaria, "National Network of the mediators in Bulgaria" and GlaxoSmithKline.

The Initiative began in March 2010, regarding the epidemiological situation with the measles outbreak in Bulgaria that affected mainly the hard to reach communities in Bulgaria due to gaps in their immunization coverage. For 12 months there are more than 24,000 registered cases and 24 deaths. 92% of the reported cases of infection are in the Roma population. During 2010 and 2011 four national and eighteen regional meetings were organized to explain the role of the Initiative and to educate the Health mediators, the GPs and the RHIs (Regional Health Inspectorates are part of the Ministry of health’s structures on regional level).
Position paper of the European Forum for Primary Care on the provision of primary care for the Roma in Europe: Roma Health Mediation
26.10.2016 IOM
The position paper of the European Forum for Primary Care on the provision of primary care for the Roma in Europe reflection on Roma Health Mediation as per Roma Inclusion Newsletter October 2016 "In no country the number of RHMs is sufficient yet to cover at least all larger Roma communities"
European Roma Spirit Award Ceremony 2016
The European Roma Spirit Award was initiated by the Association for Culture, Education and Communication (ACEC), Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, and the Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Government for Roma Communities as a platform for highlighting positive contributions focused on the social inclusion of the Roma people.
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Within the framework of the IOM/EC/DG Santé Equi-Health project (Fostering health provision for migrants, the Roma and other vulnerable groups), co-financed under the 2012 work plan of the second programme of Community action in the field of health (2008-2013), IOM initiated a Regional cooperation on health mediation within the Roma community in close partnership with governments, academia and CSOs creating a unique multi-stakeholder platform to work together on the topic of health mediation. Jointly with the Federal Public Service Health (Belgium), the National Network of Health Mediators (Bulgaria), the National Institute for Public Health (Romania), CESPYD University of Seville and the Catalonian Public Health Agency (Spain), and the Association pour l' Accueil des Voyageurs (France), IOM piloted a collaborative initiative consisting of study visits, workshops and setting-up of an e-platform with the participation of health mediators and programme coordinators from Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine and FYROM. Four study visits (Bulgaria, Belgium/France, Romania and Spain) in the period 2014-2016, organized with the active participation of all partners provided an opportunity to more than 100 participants to exchange information on national models of health mediation, learn from each other’s experiences and lay the basis of a regional network of health mediation programmes. The aim of this European network is to work towards improving health service provision to vulnerable groups via strengthening the position of the health mediator in the European healthcare system and advocating for more inclusive and equitable service delivery.

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